The Best Holiday Movies to Watch This Season

Aemilia Madden

This time of year, there's no feeling quite as sweet as slipping on your favorite pair of cozy pajamas, grabbing your main squeeze, and flipping the TV on to watch a holiday movie. And with the cold weather approaching, you'll want to cozy up in front of the TV for a full day of Netflix and chill more often than usual.

Below, we're highlighting 17 of our favorite seasonal films to help you get into the spirit of the season. So sit back and relax for a day—or heck, maybe even for your entire winter break—with one of these holiday films. We've also picked a few stylish ensembles that were made for a day curled up on the sofa. Besides, all that gift giving and receiving can be pretty exhausting.

Read on for the best holiday movies and then shop the lounge outfits you'll need for the occasion.

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